Ouch! My stomach aches again. 


Early August 1997 when I first had a terrible pain in my stomach. The pain lasts a couple of weeks and I faint of not eating even crackers cause I will vomit them. Mom thought it’s because of the sour foods I’m eating or by skipping meals.

 “Health is Wealth” but I never put important on it not until I had Gastritis in 2002.

2008, I got a job as a clerk in Dubai and my lifestyle totally change. I’m always on a hurry so I have less time to cook and rather have a fast food. Shawarma and Biryani are popular take out food in Dubai and it became my favorite.

After Ramadan in September 2009, my stomach aches again.

“It’s like thousands of needles hitting inside.”

 It became unbearable this time that made me rushed to a hospital by my husband. I was prescribed antibiotics and antacids by an Indian Physician but even if I took those medicines still there is pain. We’re thinking that there might be another factor on why it became severe? After 3 days of observation we went back to the hospital.

I was given shots of pain killer and then advised to seek a Gastrologist.

I undergo Endoscopy.

Endoscopy is a procedure on examining internal body parts of a person using a medical device endoscope. It has a long, thin flexible tube that has a light and a video camera that can be seen at the screen so that the doctor can be able to record and track what is inside and reviewed them again. Endoscope will be inserted from the mouth down to esophagus then to the stomach. The device also can be used as a biopsy and retrieved foreign objects. The cost of Endoscopy procedure is 500 AED and 7-15K pesos in Philippines.

The procedure was 15-20 minutes. The doctor said I was having a grade 3 duodenitis; an inflammation of the duodenum a tube that connects small intestine to the stomach.  And base on the biopsy, I am also positive of Helicobacter pylori or H.Pylori bacteria; the bacteria associated to stomach ulcers and cancer. These bacteria inhabit some parts of my stomach causing the inflammation.

Where that bacteria came from? Thinking…

Doctor: Have you been eating some street foods, lately? It might be one of the causes. Or meat that was not totally well cook.

Yeah, I remember. We eat too much “kwek-kwek” ( boiled egg coated with flour), Isaw (grilled chicken intestine). But that was when we had a vacation in the Philippines last March 2009.

But the doctor said it can be treated and nothing to worry about. Thank God! (sigh) I was advice not to eat fried foods or any food cook with oil, meat, colas, junk foods, condiments even rice. Only fruits, vegetable and steam fish would be best to eliminate the inflammation.

We decided that I must come home in the Philippines and seek for a second opinion and a treatment.

I was in Dubai again January 2013 when it happened and my job was so stressful. I was grasping for air to breathe and pain is so intense that lasted almost 2 hours. Kinda confused if I was really healed by the medicine I was taking 2 years ago.

I was given a shot of pain killer again to ease the pain. After what happened, it gave me a notion that somehow a stressful work can trigger for it to reoccur.

As of now, I’m still searching for a better medicine.


Breaking up is the most difficult decision for lovers. What even makes it harder is, most of the time they’re aren’t prepared enough when it really ends.

The usual scene in a relationship is; boyfriends planned in leaving their partners while girlfriends are still  in a fairy tale of a “HAPPY EVER AFTER” epilogue.

Overtime, letting go are still unsinkable and unacceptable in our hearts and minds.

So, how are we to know, that behind the rope of happiness lies goodbye?

“It is me, not you”. We hear these phrase don’t we?

When boyfriends are fed up these words are common. It sometimes bewildered us along with conflicting situations. But when he says this be aware that your relationship isn’t going anywhere.

“Give me some space”… Again, it hurts but you must prepare to accept the worst. Although it’s a good excuse for you to have time for yourselves but if you truly love each other being away is never an option.

Those phrases are just an example which all of us hear them already. Having a relationship with a person you love is a wonderful experience. But as they say, love is a gamble. You don’t know what’s in the card unless you play.

However, we must learn that in love it has its limit. There are things which we cannot push through. Hold on if you think its worth it. But when you feel that regardless of your unfailing effort to survive your relationship all is just in vain then, you have to  accept the word of “ LETTING GO”.

An afternoon delight at Dubai

We came home early morning from Jumeira beach. After sleeping 4 hours an adventure which I never expected awaits.

Its my second come back to Dubai but never had these chance to visit some nice places. This time I will never let it pass again.

First stop. Dubai Old Souq. But going there you need to ride on a boat. The ride is only 1 AED.





A wonderful experience. The water. The boat. The ride. Lovely.





Finally, we arrived at Dubai Old Souq.



 A beautiful, stunning capture of a sun.


Next destination is Dubai Creek. With an entrance fee of 5 AED.


Ate Ann, Waqas and TahirImage




Dubai Creek before sunset.


Thanks guys for the treat. Next time again.

“..Sky rockets in flight… Afternoon delight….aaa.. Afternoon delight..”

A Letter to Nicole

Dear Daughter,

Seems like yesterday when I first held you in my arms. Couldn’t believe how time flies so fast you are now 9 years of age.

It is so amazing how God bless me and made me experienced this wonderful gift to be a mother.

We share things together that no one could ever share with. We do things together day and night. You eat what I eat. You drink what I drink. When I’m sad or happy you will feel the same way too. My music became your music and my thoughts became your thoughts.

I know you will be a good daughter just as you helped me when I gave birth to you. You listened to me and came out smoothly. When I heard your cry and saw you I couldn’t explain how I regain strength immediately.

During your first week I was so worried don’t know how to carry you, or bath you. You don’t even drink milk from me. But it is you who taught me how to become a mother to you. Every day became as easy we learn together as mom and daughter.

I was there watched you grow. You’re first solid food, your first word, your first step, your first haircut, your first ear-piercing, your first birthday, your first day of school and even your first surgery.  I know you came out to the world when we don’t have anything. You experienced a lot of pain but you grow strong and have “faith” just as I named you FAYE.

On your birthday, all I am praying is for you to be humble in whatever achievement you will have now and in the future. Learn to be strong, take courage and trust Christ Jesus always.

I don’t ask for you to be great in school but what I am always telling you is to embrace education. It is the only wealth that I can give you. If I’m gone.

Do not worry on what will other people would say about you what is more important is you believed in yourself. Love yourself. You cannot give love to others if you do not love first yourself.

Do not misinterpret the way we discipline you. It is for your own good not to become a good person but for you to learn to take responsibility of your action.

Do not worry on anything my child, let mama handle it. Just don’t complain be thankful of what you have. Be a child like other children in the world.

You don’t have any idea how we are so proud of you, how much happiness you bring into our lives.

We always love you. Mama loves you.

Happy birthday.


Top 3 most difficult questions ask during job interviews

Image source crackjobinterviews.com

Sometimes the easiest questions are the one so hard to answer.

Here are the top 3 most difficult questions ask during job interviews.

Top #1: Tell me about yourself?

This question actually is very easy. As easy as 1,2,3. But sometimes during job interviews most of us panic when we hear this words. I don’t even understand why?

According to one of my friend who’s now a supervisor in a food chain when they conducted an interview all they wanted to know is a little more of you. More on what is written in your résumé or CV. The big mistakes sometimes were not able to be hired was we tend to tell them the story of our lives.

Let me give you a simple answer to that question. This is base on my experience on most interviews during applications. I would only point out 3 important thing about myself and that is my status, my weakness and my strength.

“I am single, I sometimes get discourage but out of it is my will and commitment to finish whatever task I was assigned into.

Top#2: What will you be 5 or 10 years from now?

Some of us don’t really know how to answer this. We even think twice with the “ahhss.. and ammss..” which interviewees would easily noticed. And the bad impressions; We’re aren’t prepare.

Before coming to the interviews one must write their goals.  Although we all have dreams but it would be better if we write them. In this way we can check were we are at already and what will be our next step in achieving those for the future. To answer this, it should be realistic that it can be achievable within the specific years.

” 10 years from now I would be a Master Teacher. With a PhD”

Top# 3: Why will I Hire you?

Of course your goal is to be hired. But it is imperative to tell them our sincerest honesty.

” If I will be hired, I will give all my best to be an asset in your company. To impart my knowledge and skills not only for the company’s development but as well as my personal growth and achievement”

Note that this is base on my experience during job interviews. And luckily I got easily hired. Hope this serves as a help to those on the job hunting. Not to mention also one must show good manners and etiquette during interviews. You can also search for some tips online.

My classroom. From plain to colorful.

I started teaching in public school last year. And my first assignment was the preschool. Teaching them isn’t really a big deal. They are the most easiest student to teach on planet.

But what I am worried most is my classroom. It’s all plain. How can I make it beautiful and attractive to look so that my preschoolers would love to come in.

Looking at the yellow painted woods. I started to draw vegetables and fruits out from colorful art papers then cut them into squares. I write the names in a bigger font.

Then I cut animals, a star, moon still from art papers and post them on one empty chalkboard and labeled it as my science corner. LOve this much for it took me 2 days to finish them.

I want everything to be in bigger prints for more noticeable in the eyes of children. Just like with this next art I make.

After few weeks, when I made all this stuff most of my children are present in my class.

I love it. Of course my inspiration are the children. I am sure they will remember their first classroom as beautiful and colorful. I hope that it will serve as an inspiration too for them. That it would always be fun going to school.

My classroom. Simple Plain now became colorful and beautiful.